5 Creative Ways To Use Your Binoculars

Binoculars are necessary in certain circumstances. In ordinary life however, binoculars don’t find much use. When you are working in the navy, army or air force, if you are traveling to some distant land or going on a cruise, fishing trip or sailing, when you have to do some hunting or bird watching; you will need your binoculars. But when you are back home, shuttling between your work and home or school and home, indulging in mundane activities, those same binoculars don’t find much use.

If you are a binocular enthusiast, then you possibly own a good model that has varying degrees of magnification with measurements and additional features. Such a gadget should never be kept aside only for occasional use. You should use them as frequently or regularly as you can. Here are 5 creative ways to use your binoculars which will make it possible for you to have them on you at all times.


You can use the binoculars for reading. Unless you have an extremely difficult pair of eyes, you will not need binoculars to read a book or to read something on your laptop screen or desktop. But there are always situations when you have to read something that is far away from you and you have to walk up to it to read it. For instance, you may have to read something written far away on a board, on a hoarding, a notice or something printed somewhere. You don’t need to walk several meters all the way to the place where the material is hung. You can stand just where you are, put on your binoculars and read what’s there. You can do this at your office, at school, college and even at home when you have to see a sticker on the refrigerator and you don’t want to get up from the couch.


Sightseeing becomes so much fun when you have binoculars. You don’t have to go on a tour to do this. You can use the binoculars in your own city. You will be surprised to find so many details which you wouldn’t have noticed before; wonders of magnification.

Empty Cab

If you are waiting for a cab and not getting one that’s empty, you can always look down the road and check if there’s an empty one driving up to you.

Traffic Conditions

You can use your binoculars to check traffic conditions. You can monitor lights from a great distance and you can also check out the type of traffic you have to deal with.


Unless you are a professional golfer, chances are that your shots will go haywire. Why don’t you use your binoculars, check where exactly the balls are landing and accordingly change your back-lift, swing, force and follow through.

More Information

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