5 Tips For Creating Home Videos

Do you have a habit of shooting home videos? Many people like to capture ordinary and extraordinary moments at home. It may be for the fun, for the memories or simply because you like making home videos. Regardless of why you do it, you will certainly want to shoot good home videos. To do so, you need to become more aware of what you are doing and how it can be done better.

Here are 5 tips for creative home videos that will look amazing and you will have great fun revisiting them in the future.

  • For good quality home videos, you should have the right light. If you are shooting outdoors, when the sun is up, then you don’t really need to worry about the light since there will be enough sunshine. That is also a problem. You need to use a smaller aperture in such cases. When you are shooting indoors, you need bigger apertures. When you are shooting indoors or outdoors during night, you will need additional light because there is no natural light. Don’t make the setting too bright but have enough light so the videos are not dark. Most home videos, when shot indoors or during the night, are very dark. Light is of the essence.
  • You must learn to master focus. Most home videos appear to be poorly focused. If you are using an autofocus feature, then you cannot really do anything about it and everything in the frame will be equally well focused or ill-focused, depending on the range, light and other settings. Ideally, you should use manual focus and master it.
  • For great home videos, you should avoid panning the camera as much as you can. You can move the camera multiple times but try and use a tripod while doing it. Moving handheld camera can cause numerous jerks and those will jeopardize the quality of your video. There are special jackets or devices found which can nullify these jerks and vibrations. You may want to buy such a device.
  • You must learn to edit videos, especially cutting out unnecessary frames and frame rate. This will enable you to make amazing home videos. You don’t have to indulge in correcting colors or any special effects. Cutting out excess and unnecessary frames and adjusting the frame rate in accordance to the action or inaction happening in the video will make the video much better.
  • You should capture the organic sound or audio when you are shooting the video and use the edit software to work on that sound. You can also use imported sounds to make the videos more fun.