Creative Ideas For Taking Photos With Your DSLR Camera

Photography, unless used for documenting purposes, is always about creativity. It is only when photographs have to be taken to capture something as it is which could be for news, journals, formal documentation by state or federal governments and similar purposes, that there are very well defined rules which one has to adhere to. Beyond that, you have the absolute freedom to be creative in any way you want.

Since there is no capping on what creativity can do, it will be a futile attempt to talk about the scope of creative photography or creative ideas for taking photos with your DSLR camera. But what you would need to know to get started is the various unconventional ways that you can approach creativity.

The first set of creative ideas for taking photos with your DSLR camera deals with the technicalities. You should be accustomed with all the specs and features of your DSLR camera and then play around with them. The most obvious features that you will use are the focus, the aperture, the shutter speed and the ISO setting. Most people, who are using a DSLR camera for the first time or have not been very well accustomed with it, will want to use auto focus. That is an absolute no if you wish to be creative. Depending on the model of the DSLR camera you have, there can be dozens of different focal points in any frame and certainly several focal planes. When you play around with the focus, you can get amazing results, albeit there have to be adequate subjects and objects that you photograph. If you are unaware of what subjects and objects are, you need to study them before you can get creative in this regard.

Then you can explore numerous creative ideas for taking photos with your DSLR camera by playing with the shutter speed. You can get some amazing results. From time lapse shots to weird play of light, the shutter speed when manipulated can do wonders. So can aperture if you can play it well. The ISO setting and other features may not be that handy but you can still experiment with them.

If you wish to get creative with photography, you must first become very well accustomed with basic or standard rules of photography. That is the base for creativity. If you are unaware of the basic technicalities, then you can never come up with the creative ways.