How To Get Your Kids To Think Creatively

Creativity is not an attribute. It is an outcome, an eventuality. In common jargon, people are urged to be creative or to think creatively. But that is merely to ask for the desired outcome. What is necessary is imagination. It is imagination that forms the crux of creativity and what is delivered or created appears to be creative or innovative. Hence, if you want your kids to think creatively, what you really want for them is to have imagination. Without imagination, there can be no creativity.

Here is a brief guide on how to get your kids to think creatively.

  • At the very start, you must allow them to be free. Today, no one is born in bondage or slavery but there are enough customs and rules which society has laid out that one is actually not free. Standard education, grooming and upbringing are all fine and should be adhered to but there should be some amount of time, every day, when the kids should be allowed to be completely free. Where they would go, what they would do and whom they should be with must be their call. Creativity or imagination can never be fuelled or triggered if a child is made to cling to a routine right from the tender age of two. There is a reason why there is dearth of creativity today because people are being programmed to think in a certain way, right from kindergarten.
  • You should always encourage ideas. When a child asks a really weird question or makes a very silly representation of anything, you should encourage it. Many parents are scared of free flowing ideas and strange perceptions of kids. Creativity or imagination does sound strange when it is not groomed. It only makes sense when the eventual product is made or when the imagination has been completely manifested.
  • You must challenge your kids. Imagination can only be triggered when challenged. There is a reason why most love songs are composed by people who have been hurt in love and had to deal with it for sometime or a long time. Challenges will always trigger imagination and thus creativity.
  • Experience, of various kinds, is necessary for creativity. Unless a person can draw inspiration from something that one has experienced, imagination will be stunted. Kids need to experience various shades of life and the world around so they can build their imagination on that. A child shackled inside a room, protected, safe and playing video games all day will seldom be creative.